Jawatankuasa Tindakan Tatatertib (JKTT)

Disciplinary action will be imposed on individuals, companies, consultants or bodies registered with Ministry of Finance if any of the offences as prescribed are committed.

A. Types of offences:

  1. Violation of terms of the registration by falsifying or altering information / documents, deception to procure the Bumiputera status, allowing registration certificate are to be used by other than designated individuals / companies / consulting firms, fail to comply with the registration requirements, fail to update the company's information / consulting firm or not cooperating with respective authorities on matters regarding registrations with Ministry of Finance (MOF);
  2. Violating tender / contractual terms with fraudulent information / documents, withdrawing from tender/ quotation processes after the closing of the tender / quotation, rejecting the offer made by Ministry/Agency, collaborating tender/ quotation price with another company / firm, assigning awarded contract to other company / firm, fail to comply with contractual obligations, fail to meet specifications, fail to meet the Terms of Reference / scope, fail to disclose / meet capacity requirements or fail to renew registration with Ministry of Finance; and
  3. Criminal offences such as bribery, fraud and breach of trust or civil conviction such as Judgment Debtor, Bankruptcy, Receivership or Liquidation orders,


B. Types of disciplinary actions / penalties that can be taken for the above offenses:

  1. Issuance of Warning letters;
  2. Cancellation of approved field code;
  3. Suspension of MOF`s registration for a maximum period up to five (5) years and prohibition from receiving / participating in future tender/ quotation;
  4. Cancellation of registration for a maximum period of up to five (5) years and removal from the MOF registration record;
  5. Blacklisting owner and / or board member of company for a maximum period of up to five (5) years; and
  6. Cancellation of Bumiputera status for a maximum period of up to five (5) years.


C. For further details please refer to Pekeliling Perbendaharaan (PP) / Perolehan Kerajaan (PK) 8 – Ketidakpatuhan Dalam Perolehan Kerajaan

D. Decision by Jawatankuasa Tindakan Tatatertib (JKTT):

  1. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.2/2020
  2. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.1/2020
  3. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.2/2019
  4. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.1/2019
  5. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.2/2018
  6. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.1/2018
  7. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.1/2017
  8. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.1/2015
  9. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.2/2014
  10. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.1/2014
  11. Keputusan Mesyuarat JKTT Bil.1/2013