1. To prepare Annual Estimated Expenditure to be tabled in the Parliament by the specified date.
  2. To prepare Handbook of Federal Government Revenue Budget to be tabled in the Parliament on Budget Day.
  3. To prepare Annual Economic Report to be tabled with the Budget Speech in the Parliament and Quarterly periodic Economic Report.
  4. To ensure the performance achievement of Operational and Liabilities and Development Expenditure in average will exceed 85% of the approved annual allocation under Treasury’s control.
  5. To ensure the registration of the common areas supply and service contractor for new application and areas-add be approved within seven (7) working days whilst application for profile update within three (3) working days.
  6. To manage the disbursement of Federal Government to the State Governments, companies, half statutory bodies and other agencies within fourteen (14) days from the date of receipt.
  7. To issue the establishment warrant within the specified period from the date of receipt of a complete PSD certificate as followed:
    1. Establishment warrant which involves 50 or less items changed is issued within five (5) working days; and
    2. Establishment warrant which involves more than 50 items changed is issued within ten (10) working days.
  8. To ensure all public complaints be given initial feedback within 1 (one) - three (3) working day from the date of received.

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