Fiscal Policy and Debt Management Office (FPDMO)


Premier agency in fiscal policy and debt management.


Ensuring sound fiscal and debt management in supporting the nation’s economic growth.


  1. Formulate fiscal strategies in line with economic conditions including revenue, expenditure, financing and debt management as well as risk management and relations with stakeholders.
  2. Establish an approach to uphold fiscal discipline and managing fiscal risks, including the introduction of a framework for fiscal sustainability and the development of fiscal management.
  3. Execute the Federal Government borrowing programme to meet the needs of the fiscal deficit as well as manage and monitor the Government’s debt.
  4. Formulate the Government’s cash flow strategies in line with the financial position of the Federal Government, the Federal Government’s debt level, analysis of the current macroeconomic environment and projected expenditure and revenue of the country.
  5. Analyse and monitor the financial position of the Government and the consolidated public sector.
  6. Communicate the country's fiscal policy with external parties such as the World Bank, IMF, rating agencies as well as domestic and foreign investors.
  7. Secretariat to the Fiscal Policy Committee, Debt Management Committee, Government Financing Task Force and Technical Committee on Fiscal Risk and Contingent Liability.