The leading strategic authority enabling financial and economic outcomes to ensure sustainable growth and prosperity for the people and the nation


  1. Ensure sustained and continuous economic growth.
  2. Strengthen national competitiveness and economic resilience.
  3. Ensure effective and prudent financial management.
  4. Pursue a more equitable sharing of national wealth.
  5. Improve quality of life and well being of society.


  1. To formulate and implement fiscal and monetary policies in order to ensure effective and efficient distribution and management of financial resources.
  2. To formulate financial management and accounting processes, procedures and standards to be implemented by all Government.
  3. To manage the acquisition and disbursement of federal Government loans from domestic and external sources.
  4. To monitor that Minister of Finance Incorporated companies are managed effectively.
  5. To Monitor the financial management of Ministries, Government Departments and statutory Bodies.
  6. To formulate and administer policies related to be the management of Government procurement.
  7. To formulate policies and administer Government housing loans for public sector employees.